Guidelines in place for four types of facilities

Fadhil Yunus

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS) recently released guidelines for the four types of sporting complexes and facilities which have been allowed to be reopened under the Operational Readiness Level 1 phase.

The first phase of the reopening of the facilities took into effect following the Ministry of Health’s statement concerning steps for implementing a de-escalation plan.

The four types of sports complexes and facilities have been categorised as gym and fitness centres, indoor sports facilities, outdoor sports facilities and golf courses.

For golf courses, the measures that have been put in place are listed in the main golfing venues across the country including Pantai Mentiri Golf Club, The Empire Golf and Country Club, Royal Brunei Golf and Country Club, Panaga Golf Club, Royal Police Golf Club and Royal Armed Forces Golf Club.

Golf courses are only allowed to operate at 50 per cent capacity at one time while registration and proper record must be done at the entrance for the purpose of contract tracing if required.

A view of the Pantai Mentiri Golf Club. PHOTO: BRUNEI TOURISM

It is understood that every flight is only limited to two persons and golfers must bring their own equipment.

Golfers must also follow social distancing guidelines and physical distancing of two metres must be observed at all times. They must also leave flag sticks in holes. Flag sticks can only be touched with a gloved hand and pick up putts within one foot of the hole.

For gym and fitness users, gym equipment must be cleaned and sanitised before and after use while time is limited to one hour per person per day.

Guidelines that have been put in place at indoor sports facilities include the prohibition of contact activity or sharing of equipment and it is only open for solo sport activity.

Similarly, only solo sport activity is allowed for users at outdoor sports facilities and contact activity is not allowed.

Users must also maintain physical distancing of two metres while a maximum of five persons must be observed at all times.

Organised sports are not allowed and physical contact must be avoided as stated in the Operational Readiness Level 1 guidelines.

In addition, signage and posters on precautionary measures on COVID-19 should be displayed.