First Temperature Measurement Atomisation Disinfection Channel installed in Brunei

Lyna Mohamad

Aman Hills Shopping Centre moved a step further in preventive measures of the spread of COVID-19 with the installation of a Temperature Measurement Atomisation Disinfection Channel, making the complex the first business establishment in the country to do so.

Also called the Sterilisation Gateway, the machine functions as a full body sanitiser before customers enter the building. It uses safe water vapour spray, which is made of kid-friendly sanitising ingredients supplied by Rentokil.

Adults are required to stand at a designated area for temperature scanning before walking into the machine and stand for a few seconds to allow for full body sanitisation. For kids, manual temperature scanning will be conducted due to camera sensor height.

A spokesperson for the complex noted that this initiative was made to support the government’s efforts to combat the current pandemic.

As this measure is still new, the shopping centre received positive feedback from the customers. The machine is located at the entrance of the basement level of the complex.

Aman Hills Shopping Centre installed a Sterilisation Gateway, making it the first business establishment in the country to do so
The Sterilisation Gateway at Aman Hills Shopping Centre. PHOTOS: BAHYIAH BAKIR