DBP holds translation competition

Azlan Othman

The Malay and Literature Bureau (DBP) is holding the Mutiara Kata translation competition to mark Language Month 2020.

The contest is a continuation of the Translation Workshop: ‘Translating Mutiara Kata’. It is targetted at students and youth in the country to spark interest in the world of translation.

Two sets of Mutiara Kata list will be provided by the organisers – Set A for Mutiara Kata in Malay and Set B in English.

Each set contains 10 Mutiara Kata. Participants must choose 10 Mutiara Kata, five from Set A and five from Set B.

Mutiara Kata translation requires the indirect approaches to translation – communicative, dynamic, independent or idiomatic.

The objectives of the competition are to promote Language Month 2020, to provide students and youth exposure to translation, to encourage students and youth to explore the field of translation as source of knowledge are in foreign languages.

It is also promote positive curiosity in students and youth, which may indirectly induce a lifelong learning culture; fostering a culture of reading and sharing of knowledge gained with the community through translation; and to produce more national interpreters.

The competition is open to students and youth from the ages 13- 20 who are Brunei Darussalam citizens and permanent residents.

Participation forms and text source are provided by the DBP. Each participant is allowed to submit only one entry and all translations must be original.

The translation should be typed 1.5 rows apart on A4 paper using Times New Roman font (12 points).

Four copies of the translation text must be sent including the original. The copies are not allowed to be published before or after the results are announced.

Copyright to all works submitted is the author’s own but the DBP has the first right to publish it in any form.

Completed form and translation text should be inserted in an A4 size envelope and send to the Secretariat of Mutiara Kata Translating Competition, Translation Unit at 3rd floor of Language Development and Building Division of the Malay and Literature Bureau at Old Airport. The deadline for submission is June 13 at 4pm.

First prize will be BND300, second prize winner will take home BND200 and third prize, BND100.

Three consolation prizes worth BND75 each will also be given.