Customer leaves USD2,500 tip for hairstylist

DAILY MAIL – A Denver hairstylist was left in tears after a random customer tipped her USD2,500 before leaving another USD3,300 for salon staff who were just returning to work after closure due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Illsia Novotny was not even scheduled to work on Saturday at Floyd’s 99 barbershop at the University of Denver but welcomed the walk-in customer who had just come at the end of a busy day.

The man, who had just moved to Denver from Chicago, chatted with the stylist about their love for the Chicago Cubs. And as the stylist continued cutting the man’s hair, the two talked about how difficult the last two months had been.

“Just so you know,” the man told the woman as he exited the store, the Denver Post reports. “It’s not a mistake.” Novotny was confused by what the man meant before her coworkers rushed over and informed her that the stranger had left a USD2,500 tip. “I cried,” Novotny said. “I’m a single mother. It’s been rough the last few months not knowing what’s going to happen, not knowing when we might reopen so I could go back to work.”

In addition to the large tip, the anonymous client also left USD500 for the receptionist and another USD1000 for the general manager. The man also left another USD1,800 for employees – with the 18 staff members all walking away with USD100.

Over the last two months, Novotny has had clients send her sporadic Venmo payments as a show of support. Her appointment schedule has been packed since the store reopened. “Coming back and having clients, even people you don’t know, show so much love, it felt great,” Novotny added.