COVID-19 updates: No new cases today; no new recoveries

Highlights from today’s press conference 

Here are highlights from today’s press conference at the Ministry of Health (MoH) with the Minister of Health Dato Seri Setia Dr Haji Mohd Isham bin Jaafar.

The Minister of Health speaking at the daily COVID-19 press conference held at Al-‘Afiah Hall of the Ministry of Health today. (PHOTO: Aziz Idris)

The Minister of Health confirms no new COVID-19 cases in Brunei today. The national tally stands at 138.

No new recoveries were reported today, maintaining the total recovery numbers at 124. There are currently 13 active cases being treated at the National Isolation Centre (NIC) in Tutong.

  • Two patients remain in critical condition, requiring ventilator support. The rest of the patients are in a stable condition.
  • As of today, 58 individuals are undergoing quarantine according to the Infectious Diseases Act (Chapter 204) and a total of 2,517 have completed the quarantine period and are in good health.
  • Since the emergence of COVID-19 in early January 2020, a total of 13,717 laboratory tests for COVID-19 have been conducted.

No new relapsed cases

With regard to the cases that have recovered but found to be positive again during follow-up examination, the Ministry of Health informed that there is no case that have re-tested positive. This brings the total number of such cases as of today to 22 individuals, of which 6 individuals are still undergoing further examination and testing.



Avoid discrimination of recovered COVID-19 patients – Minister

As a number of studies in various countries regarding patients of COVID-19 that tested positive again after they have recovered, the Minister of Health said that so far, there is no evidence that they are capable of infecting others. For such patients in the country, the Ministry of Health has a clear and comprehensive procedure for providing follow-up care. Any patients who are found to be positive again after they have recovered will be referred to the National Isolation Center (NIC) for further investigation and treatment and will be directed to undergo a further 14 days of isolation upon being allowed to return home a second time from the Center.

“Therefore, the public does not have to worry about the risk of infection from these former patients; they can return to their former lives and be able to return to their normal lives once the self-isolation is completed. Therefore, employers do not need to take actions such as forcing them to take unpaid leave or isolating them from others,” he said, adding that it is sufficient by ensuring that general precautions are taken at work by all employees and staff such as maintaining personal hygiene, regularly washing hands with water and soap or hand sanitiser and practicing physical distancing.

He also urged the public to avoid discriminating these former patients.

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