Concern over illegal garbage dumping in Jerudong Park area

My husband and I are both doctors, and we have been impressed with the level of civic responsibility shown by the locals, in particular, in Jerudong where we live.

We especially enjoy taking long walks at the Jerudong Park area.

However, recently, we have been seeing heaps of garbage along the road between the amphitheatre and the dam, emitting foul smell and attracting wild monkeys.

This has been increasing at an alarming rate.

If illegal dumping isn’t curbed, this could result in the spreading of infections. Additionally, sharp objects in the garbage could puncture the tyres of motorists, leading to traffic accidents.

If these roads were blocked by the authorities, we would lose the pristine path for our daily promenades.

A Concerned Resident

Photos provided by the writer show locations in the Jerudong Park area where garbage is dumped