Chinese New Zealand students join global chorus for COVID-19 frontline workers

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND (XINHUA) – A group of Chinese New Zealand students joined a global rally to sing for the resilience and solidarity showed by the overseas Chinese community and the frontline

medical workers in the fight against COVID-19.

Seventy-six students from 14 countries participated in the global rally initiated by the Culture Bridge, a cultural exchange and education organisation based in Auckland, New Zealand.

“At a time when we are fighting a global pandemic COVID-19, it is important that our kids show their respect to those who are working in the frontline.

“Also, Overseas Chinese across the world have showed their resilience, courage and solidarity in the fight against COVID-19.

“We would like to encourage our kids to learn more from these Chinese traditions and spirits,” said Director of the Culture Bridge Jie Min.

Despite being in different locations and time zones, simply confined by phone devices, the students made their concerted effort in singing Descendants of the Dragon, a popular song that praises the unity among the Chinese people.

Jie Min was amazed by the unanimous support showed by the students and their parents in participating in this project.

“When we sent our invitation to the students and their parents, they accepted almost spontaneously. Although they were only given five days to practice, they did a great job together,” Jie Min said proudly.

Those attended the rally were from New Zealand, the United States, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Malaysia, Germany, Fiji, Britain, Namibia, Italy, Brazil, Tonga and China.

Yuwei Lu from Macleans Collage practiced the song with his younger brother Yuqi Lu at home during a lockdown imposed by the New Zealand government to eliminate the virus.

He hoped his singing could lift people’s spirit to fight against COVID-19 and showcase the Chinese spirit.

“My brother and I want to shout out to all our overseas Chinese friends and the essential frontline workers.

“The virus will be eliminated. Together, we can make it happen,” said Lu.