Cheater jailed 24 months

Fadley Faisal

A 47-year-old government employee was sent to jail for 24 months by the Magistrate’s Court yesterday after she pleaded guilty to multiple charges of cheating a person by borrowing just under BND50,000 cash.

Dhorohana binti Ahmad met with a woman at the parking lot of a school in Mabohai on January 5, 2015 and asked for the stranger’s phone number to just be friends.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Affyian bin Abdul Rahman revealed in court that sometime later the same day the defendant called the victim up informing her that she is the mother of the victim’s niece.

She asked the victim if they could meet up to discuss some- thing important.

They agreed to meet up at the victim’s house when the defendant asked if she could borrow BND2,000.

The victim said she did not have that kind of money and eventually agreed to lend the defendant BND400.

The defendant promised to pay the victim back.

Since then, the defendant asked to borrow money from the victim 19 times up until March 7, 2015 totalling BND47,800.

By March 18, 2015 the victim felt cheated and since the defendant had not paid back any money, she filed a police report.

Police investigations revealed that the defendant had not planned to pay any of the money back and spent it all on herself.

Senior Magistrate Azrimah Abdul Rahman presided over the case.