Car wash worker returns stimulus cheque discovered in trash

GREENVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA (AP) — A car wash worker in North Carolina found treasure amid the business’s trash when he discovered a USD1,200 IRS stimulus cheque mixed in with the garbage.

Antonio Hernandez was taking out the trash at the Greenville car wash when he spotted the payment in the can, WITN-TV quoted his daughter, Michelle Alvarado, as saying.

Hernandez and Alvarado were able to track down recipient Charles Thompson, who said he was not even expecting to get a cheque after recently moving to a new address. “I was behind on rent, I work construction so I work by the day, and I just try to keep going and going as best I can,” Thompson told the news station.

“That money helped put me ahead and put me on the right track a little bit, to get back on my feet.” Hernandez and Alvarado added that they were happy to help connect Thompson with the lost funds, even though they and Thompson had no idea how the cheque ended up at the car wash in the first place.

“It was very important for him to receive that cheque, especially in these uncertain times,” Alvarado said.