Bouquet to police, Kampong Putat village head

I took my two dogs for a walk at a park in Kampong Putat, recently.

The two dogs bolted into the jungle after being attracted by something. However, only one came back. I had to give up searching as it was too dark to continue.

The next morning I went to the local police station and lodged a report. The police officer contacted the village head and helped organise a search (while adhering to social distancing) later that day. However, we were unable to locate the dog.

The village head did not give up and asked for information in his WhatsApp group.

The next day, the police contacted me informing that they had found my pet dog.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the Village Head of Kampong Putat and its residents and the Royal Brunei Police Force for helping me reunite with my pet dog.

You all are true examples of Bruneian community spirit and generosity.

Thankful Pet Owner