‘Babu-Nya’ captures hearts

Aziz Idris

The need for online entertainment has skyrocketed as people practise social distancing as the coronavirus pandemic brought new normals in our way of life, from heightened awareness of personal and public hygiene as well as limited movement.

To coincide with this, Origin Artistic has established a free platform that distributes original Bruneian content – Origin Original Productions! (OOPs!).

To mark its launch, Origin Artistic produced a Ramadhan webseries Babu-Nya that first aired on May 2. Babu-Nya was produced to capture a contemporary “snap shot” of Brunei during the COVID-19 pandemic and serve as a historical representation of these unusual times and the issues caused by physical distancing and limited business interaction.

Director/creator of the new series Siti Kamaluddin, in a press statement said, “YouTube is a logical exhibition platform. The viewership analytics present opportunities to understand how Origin Productions can specialise its content to reach a wide Bruneian audience.”

The eight-episode web-series has amassed close to 20,000 views and is closing in on 1,000 subscribers over two weeks.

Throughout the episodes, Babu and her family encounter many issues faced by an average Bruneian during Ramadhan. The series’ quick wit, sense of humour and the chemistry between its cast members have captured the heart of viewers young and old alike.

Babu-Nya features the local talents of Mimi Rahzia, Shafiee Mostar, Ian Zulkifli, Umi Raudhah, Farrah Majid, Amir Rashid and Ikhlas Sahfri.

A scene from the web-series. PHOTO: ORIGIN ARTISTIC