Art against Corona

James Kon

Eleven art students aged five to 14, under Atelier Huifong Ng, a local fine art learning centre for children, have completed their artworks to participate in an art competition organised by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), India.

Carrying the theme, ‘United Against Corona – Express Through Art’, the competition was held from April 1 to May 1, with the winners set to be announced in June. Huifong the founder of Atelier Huifong Ng, said “We will be sending the virtual artworks to ICCR, India.

“The competition can raise awareness and express the children’s hopes during this difficult situation.”

Huifong conveyed her appreciation to the High Commission of India in Brunei Darussalam for the invitation for the students to take part in the art competition. She also thanked ICCR for this opportunity for the students’ artistic growth.

One of the students, Pengiran Seti Amanina Wafiqah binti Pengiran Anak Haji Abdul Wadood Bolkiah, the granddaughter of Her Royal Highness Princess Hajah Masna, Ambassador-at-Large at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 14, completed a painting entitled Fourth Strike.

ABOVE & BELOW: Pengiran Seti Amanina Wafiqah binti Pengiran Anak Haji Abdul Wadood Bolkiah, the granddaughter of Her Royal Highness Princess Hajah Masna, Ambassador-at-Large at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Rayyan Khalis bin Rossaimi; and Ashley Leong Jia En

FROM LEFT: Zara Sofia binti Mohammad Raymin; and Ilya Karima Kamal
FROM LEFT: Emelia Hii Xin Yuen; and Eshlee Hii Xin Yue
ABVOE & BELOW: Liew Vini; Liew Vixi; Liew Viqi; and Maya Kamelia Kamal

“This painting shows a little girl and her brother coming from the supermarket. “He stops to meet his friends even though it wasn’t advised. I want to show that even with four people, this virus cannot be contained. “This is the meaning of the painting.

“Generally, a ‘third’ strike has two meanings; the first one known as ‘three-strike law’, where the criminal had already committed three violent crimes – this implies that even a small gathering is a small crime.”

“Secondly, known as ‘strike three’, the baseball term resolves that the player is out – the painting shows being ‘out’ like outside or death. “The reason it is the ‘fourth strike’ is due to the number of people there. The main purpose of this painting is to inform that mass gathering is dangerous even with four people. So united, we stand apart.”

Another student, Ilya Karima Kamal, five, came up with a painting entitled ‘Face Mask’ to highlight how face masks help protect people from the coronavirus.

Maya Kamelia Kamal, eight, created a painting called Fighting COVID-19.

She said, “COVID-19 is around the world. You need hand sanitisers and face masks to protect yourself. We must stay at home too.”

Meanwhile, Emelia Hii Xin Yuen artwork is entitled My Earth Is Sad.

She said, “The earth is wearing a mask to protect itself from the evil coronovirus”.

Nine-year-old Eshlee Hii Xin Yue with her painting Our Fight Against Coronavirus shows the battle against the virus, with the help of power from doctors, medicine, sanitisers and hopefully vaccines.

Rayyan Khalis bin Rossaimi, 11, whose work entitled United Against Corona – Solidarity, said, “Frontline workers all over the world are putting their lives in the line to help others during the coronavirus outbreak.

“We will help them by always maintaining good hygiene and social distancing.”

Three siblings were also among the students to participate in the competition. One of the siblings is Liew Vini, six, who finished a painting named Vaccine Fighting Coronavirus, sharing hopes that there is a vaccine to fight the coronavirus. In addition, her sister Liew Viqi , eight, completed a piece of art highlighting the message, Do Not Let The Virus Spread.

In the painting, a nurse is seen saying “Stop!” to the virus. She wears a face mask to protect herself.

The eldest sibling, Liew Vixi, 12, finished a painting titled The Fight Against Corona. Speaking on her painting, she said, “COVID-19 has been causing panic all over the world. We must work together to fight it! Thank you frontliners all over the world for protecting us.”

Another student is Ashley Leong Jia En, 12, with her painting Prevention Is Better Than Cure. She said, “The painting is on India and the world will always stay safe. India and the world will always stand strong.” Meanwhile, 14-year-old Zara Sofia binti Mohammad Raymin created a painting called, No Missing Puzzle Pieces.

As she shared, “The world is a puzzle and with a missing puzzle piece we won’t be able to unite and stand as one during this outbreak. It takes the whole puzzle to give us hope.”