Afghan capital rocked by four bomb blasts

KABUL (AFP) – Four roadside bombs detonated in less than 90 minutes yesterday in a northern district of Afghanistan’s capital, wounding four civilians including a child, police said.

Militants have carried out several roadside bombings and rocket attacks in Kabul and other parts of the country in recent weeks, but yesterday morning’s blasts appeared to be the first coordinated effort for some months.

Kabul police spokesman Ferdaws Faramarz said a clearance team was at the site of the blasts, which had not yet been claimed by any group.

The bombings were in an area where Afghanistan’s intelligence agency recently busted a joint Islamic State-Haqqani network cell accused of carrying out several attacks.

The Taleban has not carried out large attacks in Afghan cities since February, they signed a landmark withdrawal deal with the United States (US) meant to pave the way for peace.

Under the agreement, the Taleban promised not to target forces from the US-led coalition, but made no such pledge toward Afghan troops. The insurgents have stepped up attacks in the provinces, however, as they seek to press their advantage amid stalled talks with the Afghan government.

Washington has repeatedly called for a reduction in violence in Afghanistan in a bid to preserve the accord.