‘60 Minutes’ correspondent Stahl says she fought coronavirus

NEW YORK (AP) — CBS News 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl said on Sunday that she’s finally feeling well after a battle with COVID-19 that left her hospitalised for a week.

Stahl said she was “really scared” after fighting pneumonia caused by the coronavirus for two weeks at home before going to the hospital. “One of the rules of journalism is ‘don’t become part of the story’,” Stahl said at the end of last Sunday’s broadcast. “But instead of covering the pandemic, I was one of the more-than-one-million Americans who did become part of it.”

Stahl, 78, is the dean of correspondents at television’s best-known news magazine. She joined 60 Minutes in March 1991, and before that was moderator of the Sunday talk show Face the Nation and a Washington correspondent. She landed the first television interview with Donald Trump after he was elected president, and the first with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi when she became Speaker — both in 2007 and again in 2019. Stahl said there was a cluster of 60 Minutes employees with the virus. One “had almost no symptoms while others had almost every symptom you can imagine,” she said. “Each case is different.”