Youth volunteers heed nation’s call

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports spearheaded a task force comprising youth to help volunteers who are deployed to isolation centres to assist government agencies and manage the centre for the volunteers at the Pusat Bahagia in Jalan Pulaie.

This was in response to the nation’s call for youth to assist the COVID-19 fight.

The task force comprises organisations including the Brunei Youth Council, Malam Minggu Pusat Belia (MMPB), Belia Cinta Tanah Air Alumni Programme (PBCTA), Youth Transformation Community Club (KKBT), All Life Emergency Response Team (ALERT), National Service Programme (PAPKBN) Alumni, Brunei Darussalam Scout Association (PPNBD), Darussalam Motorcycle Association (PEMODA) as well as students and government and company officials.

The centre operates 24 hours.

The committee’s main task is to manage the deployment of volunteers to designated isolation centres and health centres set up by the government.

Volunteers and committee members also assist in receiving returning Bruneians at the Brunei International Airport and providing aid in the discharge process of those who have undergone the 14-day isolation.

The volunteers also participate in activities including the reading of Surah Yaasiin and supplications for the safety of the nation against COVID-19, tour villages to help the elderly and single mothers in Kampong Jaya Setia, Kampong Sungai Bebuloh, Kampong Mentiri, Kampong Kapok, Kampong Menunggol, Kampong Sengkurong, Kampong Lumapas and Kampong Junjongan as well as distribute necessities such as food, repair and clean the houses. – Secretariat Sukarelawan Belia COVID-19.

Volunteers interview an elderly who received aid from the task force. PHOTO: SECRETARIAT SUKARELAWAN BELIA COVID-19