Waive cancellation charges for cancelled flight

I would like to enquire with a particular airline as to why I have been charged BND50 for the cancellation of my tickets.

I bought the tickets a day before the airline announced the cancellation of flights.

I wonder why I was able to purchase the tickets despite the cancellations. The airline should have known of the cancellations ahead of time and stopped all bookings earlier.

The airline did not contact us regarding the cancellation and neither did they provide us with alternatives. I went to the ticketing office to cancel and ask for a refund but was told that I had two options.

Either a full refund with a voucher, valid for 12 months; or a cash refund but with a BND50 cancellation charge and refunded after 60 days.

I would like to ask why are we penalised when it was not us that cancelled and why it takes 60 days to refund?