Travelling barber keeps hair trimmed in virus lockdown

PRISTINA (AFP) – Equipped with a mask, gloves and tank of disinfectant spray, a popular Pristina barber has taken his show on the road to clip and coif clients who are stuck at home under coronavirus lockdown. “People are in need,” Driton Kameri, a 33-year-old with a scruffy beard and fedora told AFP, after gearing up for one of his home visits.

“You can shut down hairdressers but you cannot order hair not to grow. It needs to be cut regularly,” he added. Now he is making house calls – though he does the trimming outdoors to minimise the risks.

“I’m not going anywhere without disinfectants, my facemask and gloves. Before I take scissors and comb in my hand, I disinfect my clients completely from head to toe,” he told AFP. With more than 40,000 followers on Instagram, Kameri, known to clients as Toni, is something of a social media star in Kosovo and regularly posts pictures of his work on the platform.

His new hashtag is “Just send the location”.

Kosovo hairdresser Driton Kameri wears a facemask as he cuts the hair of a client in his garden. PHOTO: AFP