Teenager lost in jungle near Limbang returns home

Azlan Othman

A 14-year-old Brunei national villager who told his mother he was bored of being restricted to home, ventured into the jungle with his pet animal – sparking off a frantic search-and-rescue effort in the Limbang district.

Fortunately, the boy came home safely on his own accord, after almost two days in the jungle, Malaysia newspapers reported yesterday.

The Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department said the boy walked into his house at 8.31pm on Wednesday. The incident began on Tuesday in Kampong Berawan in Limbang, Sarawak Bomba said.

“On Tuesday night, at 8pm, the mother of the teen lodged a police report at the Limbang Police Station saying her son had gone missing.

“The Limbang police contacted Limbang Bomba to help search for the boy.

“The mother said that earlier, at 9am on Tuesday, the boy told her that he was bored having to stay in the house all the time.

“He then walked out of the house with a ‘parang’ in his hand, into the jungle at the back of the house, with his dog following him.

“Later that night, the dog came back but the boy was still missing. Limbang Bomba began search-and-rescue operations at 8pm Tuesday,” said Sarawak Bomba.

Limbang Bomba sent out a team comprising 11 searchers, 11 police personnel and seven soldiers as well as several villagers.

On Wednesday night, at 8.31pm, the boy returned home in good health, Sarawak Bomba reported.

The boy has been identified as a Brunei national staying in a village in Limbang. Kampong Berawan is located adjacent to the Sarawak-Brunei border boundary.