Struggling players don’t deserve his hard-won money, says Thiem

VIENNA (AFP) – Tennis world number three Dominic Thiem expressed scepticism about plans to set up a fund to help lower-ranked players struggling because of the shutdown of the sport.

In an interview with Austria’s Krone newspaper, Thiem was asked about the announcement by world number one Novak Djokovic that he was working with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal to organise aid for players struggling with the paralysis of the game due to the pandemic.

“I have to say that no tennis player will be fighting to survive, even those who are much lower-ranked,” Thiem said.

He said that his experience competing on the sport’s Futures circuit had shown him that there are “many players who don’t put the sport above everything else and don’t live in a professional manner”.

“I wouldn’t really see why I should give such players money,” he went on. “I would rather give money to people or organisations that really need it,” Thiem said.