State Mufti’s Fatwa compilation, COVID-19 books launched

Rokiah Mahmud

Two books – Fatwa Mufti Kerajaan 2018 and COVID-19: Apa Kata Mufti – were launched at Darul Ifta of the State Mufti’s Office in Jalan Pengiran Babu Raja yesterday.

The Fatwa Mufti Kerajaan 2018 is a compilation of fatwas (decree) by State Mufti Pehin Datu Seri Maharaja Dato Paduka Seri Setia (Dr) Ustaz Haji Awang Abdul Aziz bin Juned.

It consists of 362 pages divided into 10 chapters discussing 35 issues raised by the public, government and private institutions.

The book is divided into several chapters and sub-chapters for readers to easily make references including Aqidah, Ibadat, Muamalat, Al-Ahwal Asy-Syakhsiyyah, cultures, food and drinks, animals, Al-Faraidh, As-Siyasah Asy-Syar’iyyah, Akhlak, medical, Doa, Wirid and Zikir and kitab-kitab.

Head of the Publication and Information Section Haji Mohidin bin Haji Mustapha said among the interesting issues are a Fatwa on consuming Luwak Coffee – the coffee beans were partially digested and excreted along with faeces of Luwak.

Head of the Publication and Information Section Haji Mohidin bin Haji Mustapha shows one of the books. PHOTO: RAHWANI ZAHARI

The book explained in details on the standings of the Fatwa on this matter and many issues that are being elaborated to enhance the public’s understandings.

The second book, COVID-19: Apa Kata Mufti, is an adaptation of the State Mufti’s series that has been broadcast via Radio Television Brunei on March 27.

The book shares on the State Mufti’s answers on issues raised by the public and other parties on the current situation.

Among others include holding mass gatherings in public areas, hand-shakes, the stand on Friday prayer in view of the virus pandemic, quarantine and using hand sanitiser.

It also shares Zikir, Doa and Wirid that can be practised to seek help from Allah the Almighty.

The latest books can be purchased at the State Mufti’s Office building during office hours starting tomorrow.