State Mufti stresses on importance of prayer

Azlan Othman

COVID-19 is expected to persist based on its global spread that is beyond control. It is important to take precautionary measures and control the infection while measures should be taken to combat it.

This was emphasised by State Mufti Pehin Datu Seri Maharaja Dato Paduka Seri Setia (Dr) Ustaz Haji Awang Abdul Aziz bin Juned in a special speech entitled ‘What the Mufti Says About COVID-19 (second series)’ broadcast on Radio Teleivison Brunei (RTB) yesterday.

He said although it has been almost four months since COVID-19 affected the world, no cure has been found yet.

The State Mufti said there are people who tried or are trying to produce a cure, but none were known to be successful other than using only certain tools to prevent infection such as using personal protection equipment (PPE) for frontliners screening people, taking samples and treating patients.

The treatment for patients is more focussed on alleviating the symptoms of infection, he said. “What we do now is protecting ourselves by maintaining personal hygiene, such as covering the mouth and nose while coughing, frequently washing our hands using hand sanitiser or soap, wearing face masks and social distancing,” the State Mufti said.

ABOVE & BELOW: The ‘COVID-19 Apa Kata Mufti’ book also includes supplications, Zikir and Al-Quran verses; and State Mufti Pehin Datu Seri Maharaja Dato Paduka Seri Setia (Dr) Ustaz Haji Awang Abdul Aziz bin Juned shows the book. PHOTOS: AZLAN OTHMAN

“As Muslims we must not lose sight and we also need to do what the world does. We must also understand that whatever, comes from Allah the Almighty, including disease. We are told to treat it through medicine, but the healer, the real healer is Allah the Almighty,” he said.

The State Mufti said; “We are dealing with this outbreak, just like others have been addressing it by taking precautionary measures and treatment in physical manner. But our Ruler said this is not enough. We must be committed to the help of Allah the Almighty which is by multiplying our supplication.

“That’s right. It is precisely so, that we must return to Allah the Almighty. Seek assistance and ask from Allah the Almighty as stated in Surah al-Fatihah verses five and six. ‘It is You we worship and You we ask for help. Guide us to the straight path.’

“Especially in the situation we are facing in this COVID-19, shouldn’t we look up to heaven in prayer for Allah the Almighty’s mercy?”

The State Mufti explained that the State Mufti’s Office of the Prime Minister’s Office also provided supplications, Zikir (remembrance of Allah the Almighty) and some Al- Quranic verses to be recited.

“Hopefully by reciting the supplications, Zikir and the verses, Allah the Almighty will fulfill our intention to end the COVID-19 outbreak. The supplications, Zikir and the verses are easy to memorise. They are found in the latest issue of the State Mufti’s Office entitled COVID-19: Apa Kata Mufti? The book is an adaptation of a special talk by the State Mufti entitled ‘What the Mufti Says About COVID-19 (First Series)’ aired on RTB on March 27. It is divided into three chapters.

“Chapter 1 is entitled ‘Community Asking, Mufti Responds’; Chapter 2 is titled ‘COVID-19, According to Islamic Perspective’, and Chapter 3, which is a special addition to the talk entitled ‘Zikir when Coping With Various Disasters and Outbreaks’.