Song of gratitude to show appreciation for COVID-19 frontliners

Izah Azahari

Local artistes from all over the country joined forces in giving moral support through the creation of a song aimed to heighten the spirit of frontliners in Brunei Darussalam working around the clock to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Terima Kasih was created by Lyricist Omar bin Haji Abdul Rahman in collaboration with Fadh Yusof and EEStudio.

In an interview, Omar said that the idea was to gather local artistes to show solidarity and moral support to the frontliners.

Local artistes featured include Auf Ismail, Ayesha Said, Sueib Suhaimi, Omar Saeff, Habib Adanan, Zuden Karem, Naddy Benny, Fauzee Reduan, Isyraf Yusri, Gette and Yaniey Junaini.

Omar said the artistes sang their parts separately and these were put together using a Mobile Journalism (MOJO) to create a music video.

“Another phone was also used for the mobile recording application to record vocals without the minus-one sound,” he added. Omar said the song aimed to spread the message of hope and positivity amid the global pandemic, and as a tribute to the frontliners who are tirelessly braving the fight against the pandemic.

“I try to convey a melody that would give listeners a sense of perseverance by frontliners in carrying out their tasks.”

He added that the song expresses gratitude and hopefully can help strengthen the frontliners spirits, so that they know their sacrifices are greatly appreciated by the people of this country.

Meanwhile, Zuden Karem said that in showing thanks to these frontliners, the public should adhere to precautionary measures including by staying at home, washing hands with soap or using hand sanitisers regularly.

“I try my best to practise social distancing, use hand sanitisers and wash my hands as much as I can, as well as spend quality time with my family at home,” he added.