Social media blitz to raise funds for the needy in Brunei, Bangladesh

Fadley Faisal

The Brunei Council on Social Welfare (MKM) launched a social media blitz to raise funds to provide iftar during Ramadhan for the needy in Brunei and for the students at the school for Rohingyan refugees in Unchiprang, Bangladesh.

Since MKM was first registered in 2009, they consistently provided iftar for the needy in Brunei. “This year we will be providing iftar for 650 needy persons in Brunei for at least the first 14 days in Ramadhan,” said Head of MKM Youth Wing Abang Haji Masrur bin Abang Haji Zainuddin. The Youth Wing will take charge of the local distribution for iftar.

“Because of the pandemic, we will practise social distancing in collecting and distributing the food. The youth members assisting us will be briefed and we will provide them with face masks and sanitisers.”

MKM President Mohd Yusof bin Halim said MKM had gone on a social media blitz since early April to raise funds for the iftar project in Brunei and for Bangladesh.

“We received overwhelming support from the public. We will increase the number of days we will be assisting the needy in Brunei or provide extra food should we receive more donations than targetted.”

MKM runs a school for Rohingyan refugees at Unchiprang Refugee Camp, Bangladesh since 2018 named ‘MKM-Gifting Humanity School and Orphanage’.

“We currently have around 500 students, 100 of whom are in the Tahfiz programme. The school has produced five 12-year-old Hafazan Quran. Some 100 of the students are orphans who are accommodated in the school premises.” MKM will be providing iftar to the students and staff of the school for Ramadhan and will provide food for sahur to the orphans staying in the school compound.

MKM is a registered charitable society and wholly depends on public donations to run its projects.