Sarawak studies Brunei protocol for recurring virus cases

Azlan Othman

Sarawak is studying the Brunei Government’s new COVID-19 protocol following the recent relapse cases among patients who had recovered from the infection.

Sarawak State Housing and Local Government Minister Professor Datuk Seri Dr Sim Kui Hian said he has instructed health specialists to look into Brunei’s protocol, where another round of tests are done on recovered patients, Malaysian newspapers reported.

“In Brunei, recovered patients will undergo another round of tests three weeks after they are discharged. The protocol was adopted following their recent experience (related to recovered patients tested positive again with the virus).”

“Having said that, this pandemic is a new phenomenon since this virus is only five months old,” said Dr Sim, who is also the State Minister in charge of health in Sarawak.

The Minister was asked in Kuching yesterday to comment if there were relapse cases among recovered patients in the state, to which he said:

“There are so many things we are still uncertain about. Because this is a novel coronavirus, the population around the world could get infected easily since we do not have vaccines to fight the virus. That is why we need to implement drastic measures, such as Movement Control Order (MCO), to break the chain of the Covid-19 transmission.”