Saltwater crocodile caught in Kuala Belait

Lyna Mohamad

Personnel from the Forestry Department captured a large saltwater crocodile on Tuesday, measuring 11.3 feet in length.

The reptile was trapped in an artificial lake on the grounds of the RPN Kampong Pandan Mosque in Kuala Belait, 300 metres from the residential area of RPN Kampong Pandan.

Acting Village Head of RPN Kampong Pandan ‘C’ Haji Affandy bin Haji Damit and Acting Village Head of Kampong Pandan ‘B’ Morneh bin Ahmad, with several personnel from the Kuala Belait Police Station, were present on Tuesday evening when officers from the Wildlife Division of the Forestry Department deployed a trap at the site where three crocodiles have been spotted by nearby residents. Police personnel returned to the site to find a crocodile caught in the snare trap at around 12.40am.

Fire and Rescue personnel from the Kuala Belait Fire Station arrived at around 6am on Wednesday to pull out and restrain the reptile.

It was then handed over to the Wildlife Division of the Forestry Department, to be transported to Bandar Seri Begawan.

In a brief phone interview, Haji Affandy said, “I have been working closely with Morneh, ever since an Indian worker was attacked by a crocodile in Kampong Pandan ‘B’. We are also keeping a lookout for any more crocodiles around the area.”

The crocodile caught in a trap. PHOTO: HAJI AFFANDY BIN HAJI DAMIT