Rwanda introduces clearance pass for residents to go out for essential services

KIGALI (XINHUA) – Residents living in Rwanda’s capital should apply for a special pass from the police when going out for essential services, as part of the country’s efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19, the police said on Saturday.

“In order to regulate the movements of people going for essential services like buying food, medicine, going to hospitals and banks, attending funerals, and other emergencies, people will now be required to apply for movement clearance pass online,” Rwandan police spokesperson John Bosco Kabera said at an evening news programme on Rwanda TV.

He said the clearance pass applies to residents living within Kigali, while people residing outside the capital do not need passes to go for essential services.

The spokesperson warned of serious consequences if people misuse the movement pass, and said it would not allow movements by people going for non-essential services.

Rwanda has been placed under lockdown since March 21. The country bans unnecessary movements and visits outside home and orders closure of shops and markets except those selling food, medicine, fuel and other essentials.