Risk of losing teams due to virus, says FIA Chief

PARIS (AFP) – International Automobile Federation (FIA) Chief Jean Todt warned that the coronavirus could threaten the future of motorsport teams and manufacturers.

Nine races in the Formula One (F1) world championship have already either been cancelled or suspended.

“There has been this cascade of cancellations and postponements. We must reconsider the calendars and ask ourselves when everything will be able to resume,” Todt told AFP.

“Motor racing, starting with F1, is too expensive. We have already taken steps in this direction, but the pandemic makes it more difficult to bear these costs.

“There is the risk of losing teams, constructors. You have to be responsible and implement more acceptable and accepted solutions.”

The Canadian Grand Prix, which was set for June 14, was the latest F1 race to be scratched from the 22-event schedule.

Even before the Montreal event was binned, McLaren boss Zak Brown said F1 was in a “very fragile state”.

He warned that as many as four teams could go to the wall, deprived of the massive TV and sponsorship revenues which keep them afloat.

New technical regulations, planned for 2021, have already been pushed back to 2022.