Primary students excel in mathematics challenge

International School Brunei (ISB) set a challenge for their Primary pupils at the beginning of the school year in August 2019. The challenge was for the young learners in Years 2 to 6 to improve their Times Tables knowledge and regularly test themselves with an online Mathematics learning platform called Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS).

TTRS is a carefully sequenced programme of daily times tables practice. It is a fun and challenging way of helping pupils master multiplication tables and boosting their mathematics confidence.

“At ISB, we are on a mission. It is our aspiration that every pupil knows and is able to recall their multiplication tables to 12 x 12 by the end of Year 4. There is no short cut to learning multiplication and division facts. Without a solid knowledge, pupils will struggle in all areas of Maths,” said Head of Primary Michael Everett.

ISB pupils compete against others within the school and against pupils from around the world. After just two terms of introducing this initiative, ISB pupils are averaging 2.41 seconds per question across Years 2 to 6. This is significantly better than the current United Kingdom (UK) average of six seconds per question, a press release stated.

“We are delighted that our pupils are performing at such a high level across the Primary school. Many pupils can answer one multiplication or division question every second. The current overall record at ISB is Haruko in Year 4, she averages 0.45 seconds per question. We invite online challenges from all schools across Brunei. In the end, everyone is ultimately a winner!”

The winning pupil in ISB keeps the guitar in their class and wears a rock star wig during the school assembly.

Haruko in Year 4, with the current overall record in ISB at 0.45 seconds per question; and a student with a guitar wears a rock star wig during the school assembly. PHOTOS: ISB