Pizza Hut’s newest offerings

Rokiah Mahmud

Pizza Hut recently introduced the Shawarma Series Pizza with new toppings, Shawarma Supreme and Beef plus New Shawarma Wrap.

Shawarma Supreme Pizza is freshly baked with grilled shawarma, chicken and beef topped with mozzarella and parmesan cheeses and drizzled with special sauce. Other toppings available are shawarma beef, lamb and chicken.

The Shawarma Pizza Supreme and Lamb is available for a limited time for large Pan Pizza and Shawarma Beef and Chicken for regular or large pan. The toppings are also available in Thin Crust Hand Stretched Artisan Pizza and Whole Wheat Pizza Crust.

The Shawarma Wrap is available in in Supreme, Lamb, Beef and Chicken.

Shawarma Supreme Pizza. PHOTO: PIZZA HUT BRUNEI