Palestine urges international community to act against Israel’s plan in West Bank

RAMALLAH (XINHUA) – A Palestinian senior official yesterday urged the international community for immediate measures against Israel’s annexation of the land in the West Bank, after the latest remarks by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on imposing sovereignty on occupied territory.

“The international community can and should leverage its collective influence to chart a new and credible multilateral political, legal and financial approach to stop Israel’s illegal actions of condemning the region to perpetual conflict,” said a member of Palestine Liberation Organization Executive Committee Hanan Ashrawi in a press statement.

Her remarks came a day after Netanyahu said in a recorded speech that he is “confident” that United States (US) President Donald Trump will allow him to fulfill his election promise to impose sovereignty on parts of the West Bank “in a couple of months”.

Ashrawi said the Palestinian leadership applauded the statements by China, Russia, the European Union, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Italy and Norway that all reject Israeli plans for annexation of Palestinian territory.

“These statements reflect a global and principled commitment to the standing and universal application of international law, which strictly prohibits annexation,” she noted.