MoE officers share quarantine volunteering experience

Lyna Mohamad

Another two groups under quarantine completed the procedure and were allowed to return home.

The two groups under quarantine who stayed at the StarLodge and Parkview Hotel in Jerudong are made up of students and staff under the Ministry of Education (MoE).

The check-out began in the morning with parents and family members picking up those who completed the quarantine.

Volunteers from the MoE, youth volunteers, National Service Programme (PKBN) members and personnel from the Royal Brunei Police Force and the Fire and Rescue Department ensured the checking out process was conducted smoothly.

Head of Support Services for Student with the Special Needs at the Special Education Unit, MoE Salim bin Haji Puteh said their involvement as volunteers is part of their responsibilities at the ministry.

Among the responsibilities of MoE officers at StarLodge was to prepare the timetable of officers based on three shifts with each shift covering an eight-hour duty.

Volunteers in a group photo. PHOTO: RAHWANI ZAHARI

“Our responsibilities were to assist the Ministry of Health in ensuring that the students in quarantine were well taken care. Our daily routine was calling them in the morning and evening to ask them if they were doing alright, if they were feeling well or if they had any issues,” Salim said.

He said if any health related issues were brought up, the MoE officials referred them to the medical team at the hotel.

Their volunteering responsibilities also covered the coordination of the students, check-in on their arrival at the hotel and ensuring that the procedures were carried out smoothly.
Speaking on the daily swab test, Salim said, “Our side coordinated with the hotel staff to set an appropriate room for the test. We coordinated with the doctors and volunteers as doing it systematically was the best way to practise social distancing.” Not a stranger to volunteering, Salim said it provides knowledge to the participants.

IBTE Mechanical Campus Instructor Haji Abdul Khaliq Zulfadli bin Othman, also one of the volunteers under the MoE and assigned at Parkview Hotel in Jerudong, noted that both students and MoE staff undergoing quarantine were cooperative with the volunteering team at the hotel.

At Parkview Hotel they were rotated on a four hour shift with each duty hour covering six hours with one off day.

Their responsibilities were also similar to other quarantine centres.

“Personally even though the curve has flattened and the numbers are slowly going down, we must not be complacent as we still need to be vigilant and continue to adhere to the health advisory requirements. The easiest and most important thing is to look after personal hygiene and the rest will just naturally follow suit,” Haji Abdul Khaliq Zulfadli said.

The batch of students who completed the quarantine yesterday consisted of Bruneian students who arrived from the United Kingdom, Malaysia and Singapore. Fifty-eight students underwent quarantine at StarLodge and 49 students and MoE staff at Parkview Hotel.

The quarantine began on April 9.

Prior to leaving for home, the students and MoE staff were briefed on health by officials at the hotels.