Man charged with using force on safe distancing ambassador

SINGAPORE (CNA) – A man was charged yesterday with one count of using criminal force on a safe distancing ambassador outside a McDonald’s outlet in Singapore. He was accused of slapping the back of the ambassador’s hand outside the fast food restaurant at about 1.30pm on April 12.

He allegedly did so to deter the public servant from discharging her duty.

The police said in a statement that they received a call for help on the day of the incident, over a dispute between the ambassador and the man.

Investigations suggested that the safe distancing ambassador had advised the man not to loiter along the area.

He allegedly hit the am-bassador’s hand, causing her phone to drop, before fleeing from the scene.

Jayseelan was identified after investigations, with the help of police cameras, and arrested on Friday. He is also being investigated for two other cases of voluntarily causing hurt and breaches of safe distancing measures, according to the police.

Jayseelan was remanded and will return to court on April 21 for a review of his bail. If found guilty, he can be jailed for up to four years, fined, or both.