Libya accuses east-based army of targetting pharmacies in Tripoli

TRIPOLI (XINHUA) – Libya’s United Nations-backed government forces said on Saturday that the rival east-based army targetted pharmacies in southern Tripoli two days after attacking a hospital for COVID-19 patients in the capital.

The east-based army launched an attack with Grad missiles on medicines stores in Al-Swani district in southern Tripoli, two days after targetting medicines stores of Al-Khadra General Hospital, the government forces said in a statement.

The Al-Khadra General Hospital was shelled last week, forcing the hospital authorities to evacuate all the patients and close the hospital.

United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator for Libya Yacoub El Hillo condemned the attacks on the hospital, saying it is a clear violation of international humanitarian law.

Meanwhile, the east-based army said that a drone belonging to the government forces had attacked an ambulance in southwestern Libya, killing two people and injuring another.