Lest We Forget



Compiled by Zaleha Jalil

Helping families in need around Brunei

Siti Hajar

April 12, 2010 – An increasing number of youths are doing their bit to eradicate poverty in the country, as more people in the country are made aware of the existence of families who are in dire need of aid, according to observers.

Over 20 sociology students from the PTE Katok sixth form centre visited the homes of the less fortunate yesterday bringing with them basic daily necessities such as food and clothing.

Money was raised to purchase other necessities for eight families around the Brunei-Muara District through activities organised during PTE Katok’s “Sociology Charity Week”, which was held before the end of last school term.

During the four-day event, students accumulated more than BND1,500 worth of monetary donations. There was even a special booth where teachers and students could drop items off for charity such as clothing, canned food and stationaries.

Representatives from the volunteer group, ‘Sounds of Hope’, played their part by conducting briefings on poverty in Brunei for students of PTE Katok.

According to Hajah Soveyanna Haji Abas, a sociology lecturer from the sixth form centre, the project was to show to students that poverty does exist and that it “will always be there”.

Judging from the students’ feedback, she is confident that they will continue to lend a helping hand to those in need around the country.

Students carrying donated goods for families in need. PHOTO: PTE KATOK

‘Be a better driver’ campaign launched

April 2, 1960 – These Bulletin pictures were taken on the Kuala Belait padang on Sunday night when the Belait District Road Safety Council’s ‘Be a Better Driver’ campaign was launched by the District Officer (Belait) Pengiran Abu Bakar, before a large crowd representing all groups in the oil-field community.

One of the highlights of the public rally held on the Kuala Belait padang to launch the ‘Be a Better Driver’ campaign was a mass demonstration by school-children cyclists from the Chung Hwa School, Kuala Belait, and the Chung Ching School, Seria to prove the efficacy of the strips of luminous tape recently donated to schools by the BDRSC.

The tape-strips, fixed to pedals, give the illusion of two moving lights when picked up at night by car-headlights. The opening event in the campaign was a courtesy-trial rally for motorists organised by the Brunei State Motor Club and attracted 38 entries.

One of the biggest attractions at the start of the rally was the vintage Bentley (1929) of PRW Jupe, president of the Brunei State Motor Club.

Members of the winning team of the trial rally for motorist: G Malujang, Bujang bin Lehi and Kassim bin Omar holding their trophies; and Chung Hwa School, Kuala Belait, and the Chung Ching School, Seria cyclists during the event