Johnson enters third day in intensive care

LONDON (AFP) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson began a third day in intensive care yesterday battling the coronavirus, which has struck at the heart of the British government, infected more than 55,000 people across the country and killed nearly 6,200.

“I understand the Prime Minister is in a stable condition, he’s comfortable and in good spirits,” Junior Health Minister Edward Argar told Sky News.

“He has in the past had some oxygen but he’s not on ventilation.”

The Times reported Johnson’s persistently high temperature had fallen, while the Daily Telegraph said he was being cared for by one of Britain’s leading lung doctors.

Newspapers urged Britons to keep their stricken leader at the forefront of their minds, with the country in lockdown to try to stem the spread of COVID-19 in its third week.

A man reads a newspaper with the headline: ‘PM in intensive care’ in central London. PHOTO: AP