Jigsaw embraces e-learning approach

James Kon

Jigsaw Primary School is fully prepared to embrace the new e-learning teaching/learning approach, in line with the Ministry of Education’s (MoE) instructions for schools to conduct e-learning lessons effective Monday,

Principal Helen Chin said, “This is a good initiative coming from the Ministry of Education in a whole-of-nation approach to curb the COVID-19 spread.”

English Department Head Hilmi bin Zaini said, “This is a sudden change. Students, teachers and parents needs to adapt to a new way of learning from the usual classroom approach. The parents have been very cooperative, while teachers are relearning new skills and applying them into e-learning. The students are excited because it is a new approach and it leans on devices they are familiar with.”

“There have been teachers who are reluctant to use technology as a mean of carrying out teaching in this climate. Many of our teachers are veterans who are familiar with using classrooms. With the current situation, they are being pushed out of their comfort zone. It was a bit of a challenge for them to handle the technology. Once they got the hang of it, they enjoyed it.”

The school uses Skype, Zoom for live classroom and for the normal class, Google Classroom.

Jigsaw Primary School Principal Helen Chin during the Math class. PHOTO: JAMES KON

Hilmi added, “About 80 per cent of our students have Internet access and access to e-learning. It is very encouraging as today’s children are well versed with technology, and many parents are willing to register new Gmail accounts for their children to access the Google Classroom.”

For the remaining 20 per cent who don’t have Internet access, they will still benefit with the home learning kit distributed last Saturday, before school started.

The kit has instructions for students and parents to follow during the home learning period.

Parents need to collect the learning kit every Saturday from the school.

Helen Chin highlighted, “Even during the school holidays, we gave home work for Year 6 students.”

She feels the new approach will bring parents a peace of mind, knowing that their children can study from home, without the risk of being infected.