Indonesia reports 282 new confirmed COVID-19 cases

JAKARTA (XINHUA) – The Indonesian Government yesterday reported 282 newly confirmed cases within the past 24 hours, taking the total to 4,839.

Sixty new deaths were confirmed, bringing the death toll to 459, the highest in Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, as many as 46 people have recently been discharged from hospitals after their recoveries, bringing the total to 426, the government’s spokesperson for the COVID-19-related matters Achmad Yurianto said at a press conference.

Yurianto also said the latest number of COVID-19 suspects in the country is 10,482.

Jakarta, home to some 10 million people, suffers the highest number of deaths totalling 241, followed by West Java 52, East Java 41.

Some regions with high numbers of cases, including Jakarta as well as Bogor, Depok and Bekasi in West Java province, have been implementing a large-scale social restrictions policy after President Joko Widodo issued a government regulation on the large-scale social restrictions.

On Monday, the president declared the outbreak in Indonesia a “non-natural national disaster” in a presidential decree.