Hytera new solution assists COVID-19 frontliners detect abnormal body temperature 

KUALA LUMPUR (BERNAMA) – Hytera has developed a new solution to help frontliners combat the spread of COVID-19 by using fast deployable, non-contact body temperature detection and communication technology.

According to a statement, the company has developed a safe, efficient and precise way to measure the body temperature of travellers using non-contact methods.

The solution provides a way to remotely detect the body temperatures of multiple persons at the same time, up to a distance of three metres with no risk of close touch infection.

An automatic warning is triggered and sent to Hytera PNC550 PoC radio devices, if an abnormal temperature is detected. The person whose temperature is abnormal can then be isolated, re-checked and sent to hospital, if necessary.

In addition, deployment of Hytera VM780 body worn cameras (BWCs) also helps to protect the safety of travellers and customs officials.

Border controls can lead to confrontations between officials and travellers, but BWCs can help defuse tense situations as people usually calm down if they know they are being filmed.

The Hytera VM780 enables live streaming over 4G/Wi-Fi networks. It greatly enhances situational awareness for officers in the field and supervisors in the control room, as well as helps keep personnel safer. On the other hand, to reduce the risk of infection, doctors can use their Hytera PoC radios to make remote diagnoses and discuss each patient’s case with colleagues, using group video call or one-button instant audio call.

The PNC550 PoC radio’s five-inch touchscreen supports full operation using gloves, which further helps protect staff from infection.