Honk if you love transit workers! Trains salute vital staff

ORLANDO, FLORIDA (AP) — United States (US) train horns can deliver an ear-splitting jolt to drivers sitting in traffic or people drifting off to sleep at home, but yesterday, they’ll be put to another use.

At 3pm EDT, trains across the US sounded their horns to honour the transportation employees who are considered essential workers during the coronavirus crisis.

Amtrak trains, along with regional partner trains across the US, gave two blasts of their horns in a toot to transportation workers, as well as healthcare workers, first-responders, child care workers, grocery store employees and other workers providing essential services during the pandemic.

“Every hero deserves to be recognised and thanked for their courage, selflessness and the help they are providing to this country during this time,” Amtrak’s Chief Operating and Commercial Officer Stephen Gardner said in a statement.

In this September 3, 2015 file photo, an Amtrak train arrives to Union Station in Washington. PHOTO: AP