Healthy baby elephant born at Reid Park Zoo in Tucson

TUCSON, ARIZONA (AP) — Officials at Reid Park Zoo in Tucson are celebrating the birth of a baby elephant.

Zoo officials said the baby was born last Monday to Semba, a 30-year-old African elephant, and that it weighed nearly 131 kilogrammes after 22 months of gestation.

Officials described the baby elephant as “healthy, standing and nursing”. The baby wasn’t given a name immediately.

Semba has given birth before but zoo officials said during her pregnancy that she was being closely monitored through physical exams, blood work and ultrasounds.

Dr Sue Tygielski, the zoo’s director of zoological oerations, said Semba’s labour went smoothly and that there were no complications. The new calf expands the zoo’s elephant herd to six, including the baby’s parents, two older siblings and an adult female. The zoo is currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Nandi, five, left with her newborn sister and their mother Semba in their enclosure at the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson, Arizona. PHOTO: AP