Head over heels over Dalgona Coffee

Aziz Idris

“Stay home” is the new mantra. It has made people find creative ways of entertaining themselves at home.

For some, it’s finding the most soothing recipes and replicating them. If you’re looking for ways to improve your at-home coffee set-up, with minimal outlay and maximum ease and enjoyment, that is how the latest Dalgona Coffee trend went viral on social media platforms because of its easy three-ingredient recipe.

It’s simple to make, using ingredients you have around the house and is delightful in its cloud-like presentation which makes it photogenic. The drink is inspired by the South Korean Dalgona candy – a toffee sponge that resembles the creamy dollop that tops the ice coffee.

To make this trendy caffeinated drink, measure out equal amounts of instant coffee, sugar, and hot water (start with two tablespoons each, and scale up from there). Then pour the ingredients into a bowl.

The water needs to be hot or boiling to help the coffee and sugar dissolve. Mix these together well then beat the mixture with a whisk until it becomes stiff.

Dalgona Coffee. PHOTO: AZIZ IDRIS

Pour the fluffy mixture over a clear glass of cold milk and ice cubes and it’s ready to serve.

“My tip – cut down on the sugar if you don’t have a sweet tooth,” explained local part-time barista Harris Abdul Aziz bin Azmain.

“Seeing it come together, in my opinion, is extremely satisfying. If you’re staying at home feeling unproductive, this is one neat trick to help you feel productive.”

To know when to stop whisking, tip the bowl and, if it doesn’t move, you’re good to go, shared Harris.

“You can whip a big batch and store it in the fridge overnight to enjoy Dalgona coffee the next morning or as an afternoon treat.

“You can use a fork, but that takes a little more time and effort,” he added. The Dalgona coffee recipe also works best with an electric mixer on medium settings and watching the ingredients morph into chocolatey paste in just under three minutes.

For those who really don’t have any instant coffee, Harris suggests to use finely ground coffee beans instead or mix in cocoa powder or cinnamon. “You can also substitute normal milk with chocolate milk.

“Another creative way is you can make a matcha version.”

As for the taste, it’s remarkably toffee-like: sweet but bitter, with a caramel quality to it all.

For a complete meal, one can also pair the Dalgona coffee with another recipe using a similar concept of whisking – egg soufflés.

“You might think that making a soufflé omelette sounds impossibly difficult, but this easy recipe will allow anyone to get a great result,” shared part-time chef Joshua Anak Belayan, who added that a strong whisking arm is needed.

This French inspired technique is part omelette, part soufflé and, when done correctly, it makes eggs into a fluffy mass that will fill a whole dinner plate.

To prepare the dish, crack two eggs, and put the egg whites in one bowl and the egg yolks in another. Take a whisk to the egg whites and don’t stop beating them until it reaches a stiff peak.

Then gently fold the light-as-air whites together with the yolks slowly to maintain the fluffy texture.

Next, melt butter and cook the fluffy mixture in a non-stick pan on the stove top at medium-low until golden, then fold in half to serve.

The best thing about this omelette technique is the infinite ways to personalise it, shared Joshua. “Add fillings like cooked vegetables or cheese before folding the omelette in half, or top with condiments.”

Another tip he shared for those who are not so confident about folding fluffy-egg omelette was that they can opt to use a baking bracket instead.

He added that people don’t have to wait until the right moment for a creative spark to hit. “During challenging times, it may feel difficult to harness your creativity, but it’s necessary to feel better and more fulfilled. Being at home doesn’t mean you stop being creative!”