Food at the touch of a button

Izah Azahari

Hadi bin Wahab and Hadi bin Adanan had a vision: to launch a food delivery service app in Brunei Darussalam to offer a boost to the local economy.

After months of brainstorming, planning and pitching of their idea to restaurants, the GoMamam app was born, in February this year.

Hadi bin Wahab, who is Chief Executive Officer (CEO), told the Bulletin, “We were students in the United Kingdom (UK) where everything can be delivered to the doorsteps, from pre-packaged food to groceries. So we thought it would be a good idea to bring this service to Brunei. “

While formulating the operations of GoMamam, the founders found a gap in the market.

The CEO said, “Not only do we want the app to be a platform on which restaurants and other micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the food and beverage industry showcase their products, we want to help to lower the unemployment rate here as well.”

GoMamam founders Hadi bin Wahab and Hadi bin Adanan share their vision of their food delivery service app. PHOTOS: RAHWANI ZAHARI
A GoMamam dispatcher fetches food for a customer

Currently, GoMamam is in talks with Pusat Bahagia to support differently abled people in gaining financial independence, adding that “we are planning to have our team undergo sign language training to aid this initiative”.

With a background in IT, Hadi bin Wahab worked hard to make sure the app would meet the international standards. “I want the programme to be able to track deliveries by our customers as well as the restaurants,” he said, which he sees as being important psychologically for the customers as the tracking will give them a rough estimate of the arrival time of their orders.

Some 30 vendors have signed up for the app service, supported by 90 dispatchers from full-time runners to part-time students.

“Each of the dispatchers has a photo identification card for security reasons. Even on the app, our customers are able to see who is delivering their food,” said Chief Financial Officer Hadi bin Adanan.

He added that due to the measures of social distancing, “orders have been coming in non-stop. We have dispatchers working around the clock; even Hadi and I have been making deliveries to make sure we meet the promise of bringing food to customers’ doorsteps within an hour”.