Face mask for women, children wearing hijab

Sim Y H

With the growing demand for face masks to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, Kadi Butch is currently offering customised masks as a convenient option for women who wear hijab.

“These customised masks are in accordance with international standards,” said May Lim of Syarikat SMB Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, who imports Kadi Butch face masks from Guangdong, China.

“The face masks for women wearing hijab were especially designed for the Brunei market, with the production being directed towards consumer demand.

“They are also suitable for use by other adult consumers, as each mask has a three-ply layer, with its own certification, address and bar code,” she added.

The company is also offering parents the option of buying smaller-sized masks for their children.

Each of the masks has three-ply layers, where the middle layer of the mask has a melt-blow layer, where the non-woven fabric is the core filter that has a high filtration rate of isolation, heat insulation and oil absorption.

The customised face mask by Kadi Butch. PHOTO: MUIZ MATDANI