‘Don’t push it’ dedicated to frontliners

Lyna Mohamad

Local hip hop duo, Guardian Of Rhythm’s music video titled Don’t Push It has won the hearts of many, among them friends and families working on the frontline in curbing the spread of COVID-19 in Brunei Darussalam.

“They told us how much it means to them – especially at this moment,” Guardian Of Rhythm singer Khai said yesterday, following the video’s release on YouTube on April 8.

The under three-minute video was produced by Spook of Hepta Records, who also did the mixing and mastering, as well as the video animation.

“The lyrics are by Guardian Of Rhythm, while the song is by Spook and Guardian of Rhythm. This is dedicated to our frontliners in a show of appreciation and to give them the moral support they need. It is also a reminder for us to never stop praying and to always follow the rules set by the government so that we can be free from the pandemic,” Khai said.

Guardian Of Rhythm’s Khai and Bearto. PHOTO: GUARDIAN OF RHYTHM