Confined Spaniard stays safe by skiing in his living room

MADRID (AFP) – When Philipp Klein Herrero had to cancel a skiing holiday because of the coronavirus pandemic he recreated the winter sport experience in confinement in his Barcelona flat. The video has gone viral.

“I had a spark of creativity,” the 28-year-old video maker and amateur skier told AFP.

The result was a 57-second video called Freeride at home shot from a camera attached to the ceiling which has been viewed several hundred thousands times on YouTube and other platforms.

“The day Spain decreed a lockdown for the whole country, I had a bus ticket to go to La Grave, France, for a week’s skiing with my family. It was the freeride trip I had saved up for all year, everything was planned,” said Klein Herrero, an engineer at Spanish car-maker SEAT, told AFP.

“I could have gotten on that bus, but when I saw that the situation was getting crazier by the minute, I decided that it was a bit immoral to go skiing while people were dying in Spain,” he added.

A screenshot of Philipp Klein Herrero in his living room, skiing. PHOTO: YOUTUBE

The total number of deaths from the coronavirus in Spain has passed 11,700.

“The lockdown had me thinking about skiing the whole time, so I started to think how I could ski without leaving my living room,” he wrote when he posted the video.

In the video, edited in stop-motion, Klein Herrero wakes on the floor in a sleeping bag in full gear. Shot from above to make it seem that he is standing when he is, in fact, lying on the floor, he climbs a show-capped peak made of white sheets and then skis down. He finishes with a crash. As his helmet disappears into the sheets, the message, “Stay safe, stay at home,” appears.

“I’ve seen a lot of funny videos of people doing outdoor sports at home. So I wanted to do the same,” he told AFP.

“On Thursday morning, I saw there was good light outside, so I went for it. I moved all the furniture, set up all the lights, hung the camera on the ceiling, and within six hours everything was in the box,” he said.