Concern over unsupervised children during online learning

I think it is praiseworthy that the Ministry of Education is allowing online learning to be used for students during the COVID-19 situation. This is in line with the Ministry of Health’s directives for social distancing.

However, I am concerned for the children of essential workers such as myself, who are still working full time and with extra out-of-hours shift work on top of that.

Will their education lag behind others because there are no parents at home to supervise them?

Even after work, there may not be enough time to help the children catch up with others.

Some households would be lucky to have grandparents or domestic workers to help.

Other countries have introduced solutions to help children of essential workers.

Will Brunei also follow suit?

I am only hoping that the children will receive the education they need.

Concerned Healthcare Worker

File photo of children using online learning. The writer is worried that children of essential workers may lag behind in education since there are no parents home to supervise for online learning. PHOTO: BAHYIAH BAKIR