BPS holds online Al-Quran recitation programme

Izah Azahari

Members of the Brunei Photographic Society (BPS) organised the 30 Juzuks Al-Quran Recitation Programme online via Zoom application to enliven the spirit of the month of Ramadhan.

A total of 21 members participated in the programme as part of the organisation’s
annual activity.

The group utilised e-platform to support physical and social distancing measures in view of the COVID-19 outbreak in the country.

The programme began with the recitation of Doa followed by the recitation of verses from Al-Quran and Surah Al-Fatihah led by BPS President Haji Hamidun bin Haji Mohd Noor.

Haji Hamidun thanked the members for their participation.

The programme also aimed to assist the members and their families to properly recite Al-Quran to gain blessings from Allah the Almighty and to promote Al-Quran reading in their day to day life.

Members of the Brunei Photographic Society during the programme. PHOTO: BPS