Boosting e-learning

James Kon

With the current surge in e-Learning and Work From Home culture in Brunei Darussalam, Concepts Computer is bringing in over 2,000 laptops from entry level to high end within this week to cater to the growing demand for ICT devices in the country.

Three hundred and twenty-three laptops arrived at Concepts Computer’s showroom in Kiulap yesterday. It is also offering the newly arrived Acer laptops at great prices.

Some of the new models on offer will be equipped with Intel’s latest 10th Generation processors, while other laptop models with affordable prices will utilise specifications which are sufficient for the education sector, especially for e-Learning.

General Manager of Concepts Computer Vincent Pao said, “We at Concepts Computer will always try to fulfil Bruneians’ needs, and with an increase in the need for a computer at home, we are hoping to equip as many families with an Acer laptop.”

Vincent also added, “Moving ahead into 2020, Concepts Computer will be working hard to help Bruneians at home, and that starts with offering great products at great prices.”

Marketing Executive of Concepts Computer Zul bin Abdul Rahman added, “Families looking to equip two to three children with a computer are going to spend a substantial amount of money, which is why we are emphasising affordable prices with adequate specifications. We are also emphasising network-capable models like wireless Epson printers, so multiple devices can share on it.”

Marketing Executive of Concepts Computer Zul bin Abdul Rahman with the brand new Predator laptop while two other staff hold the new Acer laptops in the showroom. PHOTO: JAMES KON