Bank-in pensioners not able to collect March pension

I would like enquire from the Community Development Department (JAPEM) on some pensioners, who applied for the bank-in process, not receiving their pension since March 28.

They did not receive any confirmation calls or SMS either.

I have been trying to contact JAPEM officers since March 27 but was only told that they are still processing, which I believe is not the case as some pensioners have already received their pension.

JAPEM said they will contact back but it has been nearly a week (at the time of writing this letter).

When I went to our penghulu, the pensioners names are no longer on their collection list. These pensioners were not able to collect their March pension anywhere. The names of pensioners should have not been removed from the penghulu/village head’s list.

I believe this may be that the bank-in process not properly done or the pension was banked into the wrong account (we provided the correct account).

I thought using the bank-in process would make things easier, especially during this pandemic situation, but it seems it is more complicated than we thought.

Can the authorities assist?