Youth step forward to fight COVID-19 outbreak

Syazwani Hj Rosli

A group of youth volunteers has been assembled under the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS) to provide extra reinforcement for the government during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Based at the Community Development Department’s (JAPEM) Pusat Bahagia in Pulaie, there are over 400 volunteers have registered with the COVID-19 Volunteer Operations, or Sukarelawan Belia, including the recent participants of the National Service Programme (PKBN).

The volunteers are led by Hajah Noor Monasalieana @ Suzie binti Haji Mohd, who told the Bulletin, “We have been based at Pusat Bahagia for a week now, and have been operating for 24 hours over the past four days. We also liaise with the Ministry of Health (MoH) as well as with other government agencies to provide support.

“We try to fill in any resources that are required to ease the burdens of medical staff, nurses and other frontliners busy treating patients and containing the virus. Our volunteers will also be briefed in small groups, before being deployed. “We are aware that this is the time for youth to volunteer, because they need to realise that this is not a drill or exercise, but a real-life situation to which they can contribute and show their love for the nation.”

Hajah Noor Monasalieana said the volunteers fall within two categories: the high-risk and low-risk.

Over 400 volunteers have registered for the COVID-19 Volunteer Operations. PHOTO: SYAZWANI HJ ROSLI

“Those in the high-risk group are the ones with a certified medical background and are more likely to lend support at hospitals, airports and isolation centres,” she said.

“The low-risk volunteers will function as runners, logistic operations, sorters and others. We will not be deploying them in high-risk situations or environments.

“The recent PKBN participants are underage, but because of their willingness to contribute towards the country, they are welcome to take part and will be placed in the low-risk volunteering category.”

Those interested in joining the volunteer efforts, registrations can be made at, which can also be accessed by the provided QR scan code on the recruiting posters.

“We introduced online registration, as we want to avoid close contact and large gatherings,” said Hajah Noor Monasalieana.

“Even for our main operations centre here, we have limited our committee to less than 20 people inside this hall.”

She added, “My hope is that we can come together in overcoming this crisis. Our government has devoted so much time and money for the welfare and security of the people, so I hope that they will abide by the restrictions and guidelines.”